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Agreement with Terms and Conditions: This agreement ("Agreement") determines the terms and conditions that apply to you ("Visitor" or "Participant"), an individual accessing the websites under ("Website") which are run by PhDr. Michaela Peterkova, Na Studankach 338, 55101 Jaromer, Czech Republic, Europe ("Website Administrator"). By accessing the Website, you agree with all the following terms, disclaimers and the privacy statement. If you do not agree, you have no right or license to access any part of the Website and you should not do so.

The whole Website is in English language. In communication with the Website Administrator you agree to use entirely English language.

The Website Administrator has the right to change or discontinue any content of the Website at any time. The Website Administrator has the right to discontinue any content of the Website, which is provided free of charge, at any time. Price information can be changed without notice.

The Visitor expressly agrees that use of the Website is at the Visitor's own risk. It is only the Visitor's responsibility to assess the accuracy and completeness of all information and all content of the Website. The Website with all the information is provided "as it is", without warranties of any kind.
Disclaimer of Liability: This disclaimer of liability applies to any damages or injury caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, communication line failure, computer virus, interruption, deletion, defect, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of a record, whether for breach of contract, tortious behaviour, negligence, or under any other cause of action. The Visitor acknowledges that the Website Administrator and his licensors are not liable for the pejorative, offensive or illegal acts of other visitors or third parties and that the risk of injury from the foregoing rests with the Visitor.

Privacy Statement, Personal Information: Personal information (especially e-mail) about Visitors of the Website is collected only when knowingly and voluntarily submitted. Personal information only serves the Website Administrator and his licensors and will not be provided to third parties. The Visitor can ask for the deletion of his or her personal information from the Website Administrator's database at any time.

Personal Programs

Personal programs ("Programs") on the Website are run by PhDr. Michaela Peterkova, Na Studankach 338, 55101 Jaromer, Czech Republic, Europe, IC 74584022, e-mail: info[-at-] and partners ("Provider").

Programs are intended for instruction, self-understanding and self-improvement. Each Program consists of 10 to 15 parts, so called Days. Their exact number is clearly stated within each Program details.
None of the Programs substitutes psychotherapeutic, psychiatric or other medical help.
Programs are intended for healthy and full-aged individuals. We do not recommend the participation of younger individuals and/or ones with mental and/or medical diseases.

The Participant reads the instructions for use of the Program carefully before they begin to use the Program.

The use of the Programs is paid*. After the payment the Participant receives a confirmation of the access data (name and password) on their e-mail address. With the help of this data the Participant can log in and start using the Program. The Provider is obliged to allow the Participant to access the content of the regularly paid Program.

Price for each Program: 0 USD
First extension by 10 days: free
Second and next extension by 10 days: 10 USD
Prices, reductions and other terms can be changed without prior notice.
This pricelist is in effect from 01.04.2013
*Exceptions: The Provider can employ special actions or reductions. In such cases the Program(s) can be for free or for lower price.


Participation in the Program is permitted to one Participant only. The Program is only intended for private use by just one Participant.

We recommend doing one part of the Program 1) each day and 2) all at once (without logging out). This assures reliable saving of all data. The Participant can come back to the completed parts, can view them but cannot edit them anymore. The Participant has 42 days at the maximum for completing the whole Program. If the Participant does not make it, they can extend the period by 10 days. Any other extension is charged according to the pricelist.

The Participant uses his or her valid e-mail address as the user name and chooses a password. If the password is forgotten, the Participant can obtain a new password which we recommend to change after login. The Provider will not inform the Participant about their access data by phone or by e-mail. The purpose of these measures is the protection of sensitive personal data of the Participant. The participant takes hereby into account that in order to protect their personal data they have to, besides other things, protect their user name and password as well as the access to their e-mail.

In case of any problems with the Program the Participant contacts the Provider immediately. The Provider does not bear the responsibility for malfunctions beyond their influence (for example Internet outage, inaccessibility of the web server etc.).
The Provider makes an adequate effort that the Programs are working in all aspects. However, the Participant takes into account that it is a permanently developing software solution in which a certain imperfection can never be fully excluded. The Provider willingly collaborates with the Participant on removing such imperfections.
The content of the particular Programs is always unique for the most part. If it is purposeful, some parts can occur in more Programs in an identical or modified form. This is not considered a defect.

The Provider provides support with the help of the above-mentioned contacts. For solving all the ordinary problems The Provider recommends using the communication form at ... If circumstances allow, the problem of the Participant is resolved within 5 business days from reporting the problem. The Participant shall check in an appropriate way that his/her report or message has reached the Provider. If a properly reported problem is not solved within 20 business days, the Participant may ask the Provider for a refund. As a Problem we understand a serious hindrance from finishing the Program caused the negligence of the Provider, not a deviation of the content of the Program from the Participant's expectations or obstacles on the side of third parties (for example Internet outage, inaccessibility of the web server etc.).

All payments are effected by a debit or credit card via the system of Global Payments INC. The Provider neither carries out the payments nor has the access to the data of the payment cards of the Participant. The Participant gets access to the Program right after the processing the payment. In case of any problems with the payment or the access to the Program, the Participant contacts the Provider by means of the communication form at ... or by an e-mail containing the description of the problem, the name of the Program, date and time of the payment and e-mail used for the registration into the Program. If the Participant does not report any problem within 15 days from the payment, it is assumed that they have no problem accessing the Program.

The Participant agrees with processing his/her personal data he/she provided (especially the e-mail address). The Provider may use this data for the purpose of communication with the Participant and for informing them about new products or new web content. The data will not be handed over to a third party.

In any other issues, which are not concretized in these Terms of Use, the legal order of the Czech Republic will be applied.

These terms are in effect from 01.04.2013 and can be changed any time without prior notice.

We recommend:

General Disclaimers: The whole content of is provided "as it is". The provider is not responsible for any injury or problems, medical or any others, caused by using information, tests or programs on this website. None of the programs and courses stands for psychotherapeutic, psychiatric or other medical help. None of the tests stands for professional diagnostics. Complete Terms of Use

From your responses:

PsyChance is a cool idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Thank you that you exist and that you help!!!

They are really great programs for an affordable price. Thank you.

I have visited different therapists but I had a feeling they went after their own interests and they didn't understand me. I was really helped only here as I had to become a psychologist myself. So thank you.

Thanks for the possibility of completing this program.

a lot of bang for a buck

You know, I didn’t have time or money to go to the doctor’s... and I really think your program has saved me. Thank you so much.

thanks for a smashing course

Thousands of pieces of information (perhaps unfortunately) are available on the internet but only your wonderful and simple (I mean user friendly) program motivated me to take the first steps to really do something and to improve. Thank you!

Thanks, your program definitely helped me.

Thank you for your work and help. PsyChance programs will always be one of my main  resources.


MENTALFIT - Mental Health Test


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Mental Balance I

14-part online program for getting rid of stress, tension and anxiety.
The aim: Understanding your personality, learning how to manage stress and be more content.


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:: a completely new and unique method of psychological help

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How the Antidepressants Work in Your Brain
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