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Online PsyChance programs:
Get rid of stress, anxiety and tension

PsyChance programs, it's a completely new and unique method of psychological help. In a word, it is your i-helper.

PsyChance programs are suitable for everybody who has troubles in their personal life, relationships or at work. Also those who in the meantime do not want to or cannot use the service of a psychoanalyst for any reason will appreciate them. We have taken the best from psychology and have given it a modern look.

Mental Balance I

14-part online program for getting rid of stress, tension and anxiety.
The aim: Understanding your personality, learning how to manage stress and be more content.


Each PsyChance program includes:

  • procedures thanks to which you have the possibility of getting to know the real you
  • useful information
  • tests and quizzes with automatic evaluation
  • tasks and summaries sent to your email
  • autosuggestive and relaxation recordings which you can download and then play will be yours to keep and so they will help you even after finishing work with the program

The most highly-valued thing about PsyChance programs is they are interactive – you work with them and you yourself make them complete. You are active, the programs make you think and they offer you possibilities of how to improve your life.

PsyChance programs are:

  • fully online – you can devote yourself to them from the convenience of your home anytime you feel like it
  • written comprehensibly – you do not need any knowledge of psychology
  • interactive – they will force you into action
  • discreet and anonymous – there is your own space protected by a password in the program

Here are some references from those who have already gone through the programs:

I would like to thank you very much for a really wonderful idea.

Thank you a lot for your program. It helped me more than I could think. I am glad that something like this exists :)

Thank you very much for your work and help and motivation and giving me a push and support and...

I am very satisfied with your courses, this one is already the second one. The first one really helped me (depression), this one moved me a bit further on my way of life. Thanks!

You know, I didn’t have time nor money to go to the doctor’s ... and I really think your program has saved me. Thank you so much.

What is the range of the program?
Each program consists of a few individual parts (from 12 to 15, the exact figure can be found in the characteristics of the particular program). We recommend that you go through one part every day which takes about 30 minutes daily. One part of the program is accessible every day so you can finish the whole program fastest in the same number of days as there are parts.

How much is it?
For what you will gain from the only PsyChance program you would easily pay 1000 USD at a psychoanalyst or a therapist. Perhaps even more. PsyChance programs do not cost that much. PsyChance program is free.

What to do now?
Choose a program and click on it. You will reach the site where you will obtain your log in so that you are able to begin work. Good luck!

Available programs:

Mental Balance I
14-part online program for getting rid of stress, tension and anxiety. The aim: Understanding your personality, learning how to manage stress and be more content.

Get Rid of Depression (This program will be activated by October 2013)

We recommend:

General Disclaimers: The whole content of is provided "as it is". The provider is not responsible for any injury or problems, medical or any others, caused by using information, tests or programs on this website. None of the programs and courses stands for psychotherapeutic, psychiatric or other medical help. None of the tests stands for professional diagnostics. Complete Terms of Use

From your responses:

PsyChance is a cool idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Thank you that you exist and that you help!!!

They are really great programs for an affordable price. Thank you.

I have visited different therapists but I had a feeling they went after their own interests and they didn't understand me. I was really helped only here as I had to become a psychologist myself. So thank you.

Thanks for the possibility of completing this program.

a lot of bang for a buck

You know, I didn’t have time or money to go to the doctor’s... and I really think your program has saved me. Thank you so much.

thanks for a smashing course

Thousands of pieces of information (perhaps unfortunately) are available on the internet but only your wonderful and simple (I mean user friendly) program motivated me to take the first steps to really do something and to improve. Thank you!

Thanks, your program definitely helped me.

Thank you for your work and help. PsyChance programs will always be one of my main  resources.


MENTALFIT - Mental Health Test


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